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Soul Family Workshop by Cobra, Notes Part 3

16 & 17 March 2019, Budapest, Hungary

This blogpost contains part 3 (of 4) of notes made during the Soul Family Workshop given by by Cobra in Budapest on 16 & 17 March 2019. The production of these notes was a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel, Michel van de Ven and Jacqueline van Rijswijk.

Disclaimer: These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. It is our interpretation.

These notes have been reviewed and approved by Cobra on 29 April 2019.

Part 1. Saturday 16 March 2019, 10 am to 1:30 pm:

  • Soul Brothers and Sisters
  • Soul Mates
  • Twin Souls

Part 2. Saturday 16 March 2019, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:

  • Soul Perspective
  • Truth and Integrity
  • Love and Sexuality

Part 3. Sunday 17 March 2019, 10 am to 1:30 pm:

  • Bubbles of Heaven and New Atlantis
  • Planetary Light Grid Sacred Geometry
  • Contact Dish and Entry Protocols

Part 4. Sunday 17 March 2019, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:

  • Individual Ascension Process
  • Group Ascension Process
  • Planetary Ascension Process


Island of Light

Creating Islands of Light

We have lived in the Matrix for a very long time and we have gotten used to things being in a certain way. You are born, you go to kindergarten, to school, you marry, have kids, a dog or a cat, you work and you die. This is the regular programme on Earth. The last few decades however people have tried to break free from this programme without knowing how it works and sustains itself. This is why many have failed: they were unaware of the Matrix programme.

Now, as we enter into the New Cosmic Cycle, we finally know more about how to break free from the Matrix programme and Cobra can give us important keys. The problem now is not how to do it. The challenge is: how much can you take and integrate, and really follow? How far are you willing to go? One thing is talking about it, but experiencing something is entirely different. Dedication and practice are key, not just information. There has been much talk the last years, but not much is happening in reality. 2018 was the most challenging year in which the Alpha and Beta timelines collapsed. The new Gamma timeline we are in now is most stable.

Breaking free from the Matrix programme requires active participation from the most awakened people on this planet. This means a complete transformation of your life’s structure, in which case you need to follow these steps:
  1. Theoretical phase and personal preparation: understanding what is going on here, finding and following your own mission. We are already went quite far in this phase.
  2. Finding and forming your Soul Family and creating strong Soul Family connections.
  3. Starting to physically live with your Soul Family in Islands of Light.
  4. First contact: the Islands of Light are the entry points of First Contact and therefore the place to get ready for cultural exchange with other Cosmic races and the Agartha Network.
Cobra tells us he has been talking with the Resistance Movement (RM). They have been frustrated with the progress of the surface population. The RM have a working protocol. The Agartha Network and Galactic races do not know how to contact the surface population. Cobra hereby gives us the RM protocol how to get ready. The RM do not like games, they are very awakened beings and will go to the core of you. They are your perfect mirror: they see through you. This can be very intense! It is as if you are looking into a mirror seeing every little detail of your true self.

The people in Islands of Light will be the first to be contacted and are eligible for Entry Protocols. Anything else is not an option. It is not an option for surface people to go down into the Resistance Movement or the Agartha Network to solve their Earth surface or inner problems there: the RM is not an escape route. You need to solve your own problems and do the inner work. You have incarnated on the surface for a reason. The problems you have attracted here need to be solved on the surface so you become an equal partner. You need to become and act as a Sovereign Being of Light. Otherwise the culture shock would be too big and intense. The members of the Resistance Movement and the Agarthans are, think and behave differently from us. You need to be ready for that.

The Resistance Movement will introduce more protocols when they arrive.

The Event can happen in any of these phases and is an interaction of all of these phases.

Q & A

Q: Where and when is the Event?
A: It can happen in any stage. But we will not wait for it: we create it.

Even one Island of Light can change the planetary situation drastically. A Pleiadian ship might be landing there. It is about your own personal choices and actions in the next few years.

The Islands of Light will be built based on sacred geometry and sacred science with understanding of the Earth’s energy lines/leylines. Keys and tools have already been developed.

An Island of Light requires a group of people stable enough to live and work together.
Requirements for a stable group are:
  1. You need to be Soul Family.
  2. Each one needs to have at least some degree of clearing of the primary implants, to have an active connection with the Higher Self, Soul, and inner guidance and you need to know and understand your own mission to some degree. At least one member of the group must fully meet these requirements and also understand her/his mission entirely.
  3. You need to have cleared the implant split between the heart and sexual energy. Because this destroys group dynamics: jealousy is the biggest problem then.
  4. You are aware of your own shadows and beliefs; able to own your own energy field and accept responsibility for your own mistakes and you are open to see them and transform them.
These are high requirements. Not many people are ready.

A website will need to be created that will be linked to Cobra’s blog, the Volunteers are asked to step forward.

A few potential Island of Light locations are already selected e.g. in Brasil, Greece (Crete) and Hungary. You will be creating in uncharted territory, however instructions will be provided and it will develop. To have actual Soul Family connections is an important element though.

Bubbles of Heaven and New Atlantis

The meditation on 21 January 2019 (21/1) started a new process and new phase in the transition of Earth. We are now creating Bubbles of Heaven. This is a new reality that manifests through all dimensions.

Our 21/1 meditation resulted in a response from Central Cosmic Sun, where the most evolved consciousness in the Universe resides. Our consciousness has reached a critical mass and produced a coherent enough signal which drew the attention of the Cosmic Central Race. They signalled that the human race is ready for transformation and contact, for the first time in the history of this Universe (!).

The Cosmic Race started sending new energy to this Earth. This energy has a very special energy structure with keys to dissolve the Matrix and the primary anomaly, and that will lead to The Event. This will happen through us, our energy fields and who we are. When this energy reaches our consciousness, it transforms our energy fields and begins to dissolve the Matrix and the primary anomaly.

It comes through the cosmic planes and registers in the pineal gland which gets activated in a very specific way. It emits a specific frequency and changes our energy field, practically bending reality around us. The dark forces then cannot reach us anymore: they cannot access this frequency. As more and more people consciously enter and go through this process, more and more Bubbles of Heaven are being formed. As people enter into this frequency of the Cosmic Central Sun and the Cosmic Central Race, they create a consciousness connection with them and change happens.

When two or more people with this frequency meet, it creates a certain resonance in the field. That changes the energy field and bends reality even more, creating a bubble. It is a powerful energy field and the energy inside the bubble is different from the outside. The  bubbles expand and grow and their energy triggers everything that needs to be transformed. ‘Bubble people’ can therefore be like a Red Pill for some.

As we become aware of our Bubble of Heaven, we begin to consciously co-create our surroundings this way. We connect to people with the same frequency. We will create in cooperation with the Cosmic Central Sun. It changes our consciousness and perspective, leading to a New Reality.

Every thought
Every action
Creates ripples through this infinite field of consciousness
You are far more powerful than you realize.

We will co-create with this new frequency utilising the principles and steps (3) of manifestation.
  1. Decision
    We are here to take the decision to create Islands of Light!
  2. Visualisation & Invocation
    We see and know that these Islands of Light have been created around the world.
  3. Physical Action
    We take steps towards creating them.
The manifestation will happen through a connection to the Heart Chakra (fourth chakra). It is therefore important that the level of consciousness rises up to the Heart Chakra. There are three main blocks however in this process, and thus in manifesting the Islands of Light in the unified consciousness field. These blocks are connected to the first three chakras and are the main areas for everyone to work on:

1. Base Chakra

The blockage on the base chakra is twofold: it has to do with fear of survival and negative belief systems about money. This stems from past life experiences of hunger and belief systems about money creating feelings of unworthiness, scarcity, adverse sense of altruism, etc. But we need a certain amount and flow of money to create Islands of Light so these are the two main blocking aspects of this flow. You need to use the principles of manifestation and become a channel to manifest money. You cannot expect an Island of Light to be a free Airbnb. You need to contribute to the flow of energy without being involved in the Matrix too much. This is possible e.g. with help of the internet: there are so many possibilities! In an Island of Light you cannot manifest money in the usual way. Money is needed for land, creating buildings, etc. This will be the reality and necessary until The Event. There is no way around it. You need to clear the blockages on the Base Chakra level. This is the main blockage preventing the Islands of Light from manifesting and happening.

2. Sacral/Sexual Chakra

The Matrix is built upon blockages of this Chakra. There are many misconceptions about love on this planet and many Matrix-programmes and traumas that need to heal. We also need to heal the energy flow (separation) between the Heart Chakra and Sexual Chakra. This separation is always triggered in group dynamics. It is the implant that triggers it, whether it is in a few days or after a few months, it is always triggered and creates drastic drama in groups. Individuals and groups need to be conscious and aware of this, and willing to work on it. Otherwise group dynamic is not possible. About 90% of all groups fall apart because of this. The programme still gets triggered now and leads to violence and war.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

There are two aspects to this blockage: attachment to those who do not want to go to the next level and a tendency to project. As to the first aspect, many of us still have attachments to those not wanting to live in an Island of Light and are living with them now, like (blood) family members. It creates the same problems as it did for the Entry Protocols. The main dilemma is “should I stay or should I go?” Only the ones that are unattached can go into the Islands of Light. After The Event restructuring of relationships is going to happen and people will make different choices. There will be much disorganisation and chaos at first. If there really is a Soul connection, people will be on the same path, generally. But the Matrix will try to interfere. Your life will change, if you want it or not. Many of us have accepted compromises to get along with the Matrix. But life force cannot be stopped, controlled, abused, suppressed or escaped, it will find a way, so challenges will arise: emotions, situations, all will come out, ALL OF IT! Your life will change and you will have to face it. Many healing modalities are possible and it is best to deal with these issues so you are ready when The Event happens. The sooner you deal with it, the better. When the Solar Wave hits the Earth, it will have a huge effect. It will be pleasant for the ones wanting to deal with it and unpleasant for the ones who resist. Hiding or suppressing it will be impossible. The energy will find you and you will be faced with yourselves.

As to the second aspect, people have the tendency to project their problems or pain on others instead of facing their own issues. This needs to be dealt with before one can go into an Island of Light. Be completely honest with yourself.
The first blockage tends to be the strongest, the next ones tend to be weaker. These blockages keep the Resistance Movement from inviting us.

Q & A

A: The wave of Light will come from the Cosmic Central Sun which will trigger the Galactic Central Sun, then trigger our Sun which will have a coronal mass ejection (CME): that will create The Event.

A: A Soul Family usually consists of 10-20 people, but just start/ think of it. It is up to people themselves to decide when to move in.

A: The healing process is an individual journey based on inner guidance. You cannot ever say “I am healed now”. You can get to a certain point. The journey goes across layers and is unique for everybody. This is a process.

Creating the breakaway civilization

Islands of Light create a breakaway civilisation which is not tied to the Matrix. Today we are creating the first step, on a very long journey… The Sisterhood of the Rose (SotR) groups have an important role to play in creating this breakaway civilisation, as they create an important support field of love energy, the Goddess energy, which is the foundation for the Islands of Light. It is the purpose of the SotR groups to anchor this Goddess Energy. The Light Forces knew this upon creation of the first SotR.

Now more people are ready than then: we are finally making some real progress. We have created an international Islands of Light group. All that are interested can send an email to the Islands of Light coordinator with some personal details. Cobra will instruct the coordinator. He will also review currently existing Islands of Light. The people from the same country could meet physically. People who would like to provide assets like land or money can inform the coordinator. An architectural approach to the Islands of Light based on Sacred Geometry has been created already. Next is to create energetic harmonious groups. That is the hardest part. We here are part of a larger Soul group that have that mission so it is good to connect with the people here. The participants of the Soul Family Workshop know their mission, it is not a coincidence that we are here.

There are many interlocking Soul Family groups here at this workshop. Many will start living in Soul Family Islands of Light in the future. Soul Family groups will be 10 to 20 people. When Soul Family members and groups recognise each other, things are triggered. As Cobra has 90% of the Matrix [programmes] mapped, we can contact him and he will provide instructions.

Reality shaping

To shape our reality we need a portal. This portal is our Lightbody. A Bubble of Heaven is a toroidal field like our Lightbody. Each Bubble of Heaven is interacting with our Lightbody to increase the Light.

The last meditation yesterday was structured in such a way as to utilize the powers of your Lightbody. If you consciously connect with the Cosmic Central Race the process of manifestation will become much stronger and go even faster.

Manifest your Twin Soul meditation:

Planetary Light Grid Sacred Geometry (New Atlantis)

Islands of Light are vortex points for the New Atlantis. Islands of Light will be physically located on a leyline, an energy or vortex point. They will transmit a lot of light into the Earth’s energy grid and feed the energy fields. Everything you experience in an Island of Light will then be more intense and magnified and the whole light grid will then support manifestation of Islands of Light.

This is a sign for the return of the Divine Civilisation. Earth once was a paradise planet and is meant to become a paradise planet again. The primary anomaly and all of this suffering are like a cancer that needs to be removed (healed). The Islands of Light will be the health cells in the planetary Lightbody. There is a great Galactic Plan behind this (also known as The Divine Plan).

You will be challenged when you go on this path. We are creating Bubbles of Heaven in a warzone. We will be challenged. All our families, friends, neighbours, enemies: everyone will challenge us and all issues will come to the surface. We will challenge ourselves: the inner issues that need to be released. What we want to build has not been around for 25.000 years. A lot of this knowledge has been forgotten and technology was lost. But it will be presented again in steps. Plans are available, but you need to go on and walk this path yourself. Depending on maturity of the people Cobra will do workshops to provide general guidance. This is his mission, he was born for this.

The first Island of Light will be small, but successful. From that a template to create other Islands of Light will be made to spread Islands of Light across the planet. From now on there will be two realities: Islands of Light and the “old system”. Because of entropy, the situation of the old system will become more and more dysfunctional and will inevitably collapse. This cannot be reversed. We are now on the forefront of change as talked about by Cobra for a while. The challenge of The Event is how a human being can survive psychologically and physically. To survive, adaptations are required. This is not easy. The choice is really: do you want to exit the train that is inevitably going to crash, or are you ready to be on the forefront of change? The forerunners assist humanity to adapt to these changes. Those living in Islands of Light will clear their energy fields and will receive many benefits such as experiencing abundance.

An Island of Light is a node in the Earth’s energy grid. Certain points are stable and emitting light all the time.

Possible abundance in an Island of Light:
a bath tub cut out of a single large piece of Quartz Crystal.

Contact Dish and Entry Protocols

Contact Dish and military action

The Lightforces have developed many protocols for contacting the surface population. The Contact Dish project is a Pleiadian project which bypasses the Matrix. You need to be private owner of a land. You can have a mothership land on your property. The deep state can claim your property but when you invite a mothership to land there, you are protected by Galactic Law. If a Pleiadian mothership is able to land, the dark forces will want to stop this. The Pleiadians will then intervene through military force and intercept them, block them or even kill them if necessary. Pleiadians are normally very peaceful and patient, but currently their patience is up.

So you and your land are protected by Galactic Law and Treaties. No Earth agency has any legal claim: earth powers have no business here anymore. It is a private agreement between you and the Pleiadians. According to Galactic Law your land then becomes part of the Galactic Domain and is subject to the laws of the Galactic Confederation.

After the collapse of the Alpha timeline the Galactic Confederation came together and the High Galactic Council decided to take the surface of this planet by military force. If you wish to assist in this process and make an agreement with the Pleiadians, they will land on your property and use it for this purpose. You can ask them by communicating from your mind - telepathically – they will hear you. And do NOT TELL ANYONE! It is between you and the Pleiadians. They then mark your land as available for the Contact Dish project and military action. The Galactic Codex is part of this process and holds the legal background for all that happens when there is violation of critical mass. Military force is then activated.
The United States of America and Russia have a certain form of contact with the Pleiadian High Command. In China certain high placed individuals are contacted by the Pleiadians.

Cobra was angry with the Pleiadians and had an argument with them on New Year’s Eve, about the fact that no landings had been taking place in the past year. A few hours later there was a physical landing of a lightship in Japan. Conclusion: if they do not respond, it is too dangerous to land. Everyone needs to be safe. It is a military operation.

Entry protocols

The Resistance Movement (RM) is closer to the surface population than the Pleiadians. Some even come up to the surface. The RM went through the Soul Family transformation process and since 2003-2004 they fully operate through that paradigm. They live totally different down there. They live in underground Islands of Light. They can devote their time to art, creativity and liberating the planet. They have no problems with manifesting what they want and need. They use their time differently and also dedicate time to spiritual development. They know how to deal with the dark forces. When they have to fight, they use a form of martial arts. They are modern techno-shamanic martial artists. If it weren’t for them, we would be in concentration camps.

Incarnation is a complex process. Parts of our Soul Family are not on the surface of the planet. The most important members are not here. Social dynamics between off-surface groups and surface groups are complicated. There will be contact between all the different groups. Cobra will give advice on how to deal with this psychologically. There will be a strong activation and connection on Soul Level, but there will be great differences on personality level. Imagine an Eskimo meeting someone from Japan. The RM is worried that the surface population might not be ready for this. It can be painful for both; we will have to address this. Nevertheless currently there is much alignment-processing going on.

Confederation Domain

The Galactic Plan is to make Earth Galactic Confederation Domain. There is no intel about what is going on. It will remain silent, this is only for the most awakened. All plans concerning this point are classified, but there is much speculation going on. It is useless and potentially undermines the success of liberation to disclose information while most people are sitting back and relax. Our job, the job of the surface population, is to create Soul Families and Islands of Light. It is the job of the Special Forces to liberate Earth. They are two different approaches, but the purpose and goal are the same.

Islands of Light are places where ascension will happen. In the future, after The Event, most of the planet will be nature and enriched with Stargates. Most of humanity will be transported to (an)other planet(s) in the Pleiadian Starsystem. Only the most awakened will stay on and/or go back to Earth to create paradise: Heaven on Earth.


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  1. That's really awesome! So much information was given by Cobra at this workshop. I've learned a lot reading these notes, it really made a big difference to me! Thank you very much for writing this post! Light :)

  2. Thanks for the information. I know for a fact I have lots of deep trauma connected to less than worthy biological family members, hearing terms like 'family' and 'love' make me roll my eyes in cynicism. I probably don't see myself wanting to meet my Soul Family as I have gotten comfortable with being by myself and I don't trust anyone with a sentient awareness.

    Realistically with my current situation I don't see myself ascending in any of the planned 3 waves, and will likely be one of those taken to the Pleiadian Constellation before this giant mile high tsunami event takes place.

    I think judging from the vastly different way of thinking of the more positive ET races the gap would be much, much more than an Eskimo meeting someone in Japan. We are seriously messed up that its a feedback loop.

    I myself wouldn't know what to do if I were to meet someone who didn't go through what I went through. Probably disdain and jealousy, similar to the attitudes of the have-nots to the haves. I can see why they have high requirements for Islands of Light because this can disintegrate any multi-member movement very quickly.

    Meditation is not my kind of thing, and I can't sit still for more than 5 seconds so another method will be needed to remove those implants.

    To all the people who are qualified for the Islands of Light, good luck and I wish you success.

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