Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Stepping Out Of The Safety Zone

On our journey through life there are many baffling twists and turns. Looking back on my own journey I find the more I travelled down the road of spirituality the more magical those twists and turns became. And whatever corner I turned The Universe or my Guides and Angels or my Higher Self, whatever you like to call it, made sure that the next ‘door’ I needed to open was presented to me over and over again until finally I opened it and looked inside.

The most recent door presented to me had the word ‘illusions’ on it. It is the door behind which I found out that much in this 3rdDimension is an illusion. This door was presented to me several times in several ways. I several times peaked inside but closed it again. It was far too startling what I found there. Towards the end of last year I finally mustered up the nerve. It then showed (among other things) that having to work hard and make money to be able to survive is an illusion. Behind that door I found out it was actually all a trap. That it was an ingenious and elaborate plan, a System even, that kept me from my path towards deep inner knowing and doing my mission. To pay for all my bills I had to work very hard. This was keeping me so busy there was little time or energy left to go within and reflect, do my mission or to simply enjoy life.

The Beast
Now I had opened that door and looked inside I understood that it was time to take a decision. Would I continue to march to the beat of that old drum or would I free myself to follow my heart. In all honesty I found that it was a though twist to master. Mainly because the System doesn’t appreciate it when members decide to step out of it. The System requires my (and your) participation to keep it going. It needs people to continue to march to the beat of the drum to feed the beast. Although many weird looks and fearful comments came my way from family, friends and acquaintances I decided I was really done with the System. There wasn’t going to be any more participation from me. I wanted to do my part in starving the beast.

Letting go
I felt I first needed to reach a certain ‘zero-point’ from which I could be free to move forward with following my hearts desire. Firstly I stopped all my traditional business activities. I had been working as a freelance organisational management expert the last years. I stopped the acquisition process to find new clients and projects. Next to that I released myself from all kinds of professional bodies and circles I was connected to and involved in. 
After that various commitments in my private life needed releasing. That turned out harder to do. I have no children and I had been on my own for many years. Nevertheless, taking the step to leave the beautiful old farmhouse home I had been living in for 21 years was a tough nut to crack. And it was also something I definitely wanted to do. That step required me to actually set a date, which I had not done yet. Last September I took that decision. I was to leave the house by the 1stof November 2018. 
The house I was living in had been for sale since my ex-partner and I broke up 10 years earlier. When I informed my ex of my plan to leave the house he offered to take everything over from me, which I happily accepted. I cancelled much, like insurance policies, and transferred the rest over to him. My goal of stepping out of The System by the 1stof November came into reach. But then there was the next point: where do I go?

Leap of faith
For some time I dreamed about living in a tiny home somewhere in the quiet countryside to enjoy the sounds of silence. A tranquil place with no noise apart from the nature sounds and the birds singing. For years I have been dreaming about this. However the farmhouse not being sold for so long kept me from realising this dream. 
When the moment of my planned departure was approaching I thought to myself: “Well, I need to know soon where to go. Otherwise what should I pack and take with me? Or not take with me….” In a conversation with my uncle on this point around mid October I said: “Yes, it would be great to know fast where I am going on the 1stof November.” Now this might sound strange to you. “What was she waiting for?” you might think. I was waiting for Divine Intervention if you will. I was taking a leap of faith, waiting for a sign from my Guides and Angels to give me an opportunity to take a step to follow my heart.

Magic happens
At some point I started to inform my family, friends and relations of my intentions to leave the System and my house. One of the people I informed had been a participant at one of the Galactic Love Parties I had done at the house in June. She remarked how brave she thought it was to leave the System and said her guest studio was available to me, if I would journey one thousand kilometres and come to the south of France for it. She offered me the use of the beautiful studio she had built a few years back for family visiting her from abroad. It was the place I had dreamed of for many years. It appeared not even 2 days after discussing the point with my uncle: a tiny home in the middle of the nowhere surrounded by the sounds of silence. I said yes, of course.

Today when I write this post it is the 12thof November 2018. I arrived here 11 days ago. I took two days to drive up by car. It was an absolutely beautiful and magical journey. I feel the Angels carried me here all the way. I arrived on the 2ndof November, my Birthday. The most magnificent Birthday gift ever. How long will I stay here? Honestly, I have no idea. And I also know deeply within my Being that when the time comes for the next step another magical opportunity will appear to follow my hearts desire. This is what stepping out of the safety zone does for you. I will not say that transforming from caterpillar to butterfly is an easy road to travel, but for me it has been worth it. I feel happy and free and I have several new ideas and plans, ideas and plans that bring joy into my heart. Interested in what they are? Check out my next post coming soon!