Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Galactic Love is Miraculous

Looking back at our first Galactic Love party in Eindhoven

Galactic Love is a love of the higher dimension, encompassing all lower levels of consciousness. It is a transpersonal higher group love where the Divine can express itself freely. Its origin is anchored in the moment our existence started. It is connected with the Soul Family Sacred Geometry Mandala and connected to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation of United Star-lineages.

It might then not come as a surprise that during a Galactic Love Party we meet each other outside time and space. This means, whenever we think, feel and reconnect with the magical time we shared together, we are right there - together again. When we reconnect with that moment outside of time and space the magic lasts forever and it will always be available inside of us.

“I am filled with Love and I am deeply grateful for what we experienced together last weekend. If I had to put it in a few words I would say: it was like meeting people I was meant to meet and we impressed and recognized each other as the Divine Beings we really are.”
Stefan, Germany

“Every day I connect back to that special moment that we, from all directions, merged into one Angelic Energy and were able to anchor the loving Divine Goddess Energy into Gaia and let Gaia re-connect to the Galactic family.”
Michel, The Netherlands

The first Party in Eindhoven

Looking back now at our first Galactic Love Party in Eindhoven during the first weekend of June we believe it opened up a way on this planet, the way to Galactic Love for all. We were a small and balanced group, 8 in total, with 4 men and 4 women dedicated to anchoring love for this planet. In return Gaia was so kind as to provide us with wonderful weather so we could party all weekend outside in the garden. We shared such a deep, sparkling and intense higher love none of us wanted the weekend to end.

“I wished the Goodnight Weighing Dance would never end.”
Michel, The Netherlands

“I felt it as a privilege to be present in deep gratitude. A magical fairytale that may happen to me and I may be part of. Miracles exist. I prayed to Goddess Isis: ‘May I be part of this Sisterhood, but can it be close to my place of residence please?’ And it came to me only 15 minutes away from my village! How more magical or wonderful can it be?”
Astrid, Belgium


We have floated between worlds. We are still totally flabbergasted how we together were able to create such a strong energetic bond in support of the New Earth Timeline. It is such a magical experience when people deeply connect and the power of their Soul starts to enfold. And it is just the beginning of our magical journey! It shall continue to increase its power forever eternally. This is our Divine purpose: we bath in the magic of our love and to touch each other’s Souls.

“From the first Moment I read about the GLP (what was seven days before it took place), it was clear that I had to go. After the phone call with Inana I totally knew that I was fulfilling my destiny. And this feeling even increased every day and climaxed on Saturday morning, when every single cell of my body was in a state of alert, when I arrived at the place. From the very beginning of the gathering I felt a special intense energy-field, that is created when open minded people, who are receivable for primal-information come together.”
Stefan, Germany

“Last weekend I went to the workshop of Sisterhood of the Rose, guided by Inana and Jacqueline and it was like meeting very very old friends again.”
Guido, The Netherlands

I enjoyed the large, beautiful garden. Everything was absolutely perfect, the location and the connection with the group. Thanks again. I felt a deep recognition and connection. I knew that I had known them in past lives. Images flashed by. Atlantis! I saw that Atlantis was lost, but the keys of the Mysteries of the great Love for the Goddess Isis were planted in our hearts. The Mysteries were surrendered through initiations and rituals waiting for thousands of years to be revealed again!
Astrid, Belgium


During the Party things can come to the surface that need to be released. We are called to recognize and acknowledge them so we can understand their message. The process can be painful if we cling to certain concepts in our mind. As we decide to transmute it for the highest good of all, we get so much help. And we really have to decide and ask for help. When feelings of connectedness change the feeling of separateness and we can see everything as our Divine Journey.

“I experienced intensely the feeling and consciousness of being human and Divine, of a Divine being of Light. Being within the safety of a homely atmosphere and within the group I experienced the Bliss of being a channel for the Light, becoming A channel of Light. I was able to feel the Universal love flowing through my system from The Cosmos to the Earth, and vice versa.
By putting my ego aside, in all love and respect to my earthly being, I could sense a state of consciousness in which my system could function as a channel between heaven and earth. Also, because of the loving atmosphere, peace and tranquillity of the group and surroundings, I was immediately able to recognize a very deep pain and grief that was still holding me back in the 3rd dimension. Tears started to flow abundantly so my Soul got freer, again.”
John, The Netherlands

“The next day after this intense, moving workshop and deep connection with each other, my heart continued to glow and I saw a beautiful rose in my heart chakra!”
Astrid, Belgium


We are all at a certain point in our journey. Occasionally it may seem others are ahead. No-one has the complete picture and if only a tiny piece of the puzzle is added to the mix, the story changes completely. Together we are bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. Step-by-step we become the one big diamond we indeed are. We planned it ourselves to be here in the physical right now. As we expand our consciousness and allow all of our parts to finally wake up fully, liberation will reveal itself to our Soul and room is created to let your creativity flow.

“I'm so excited and motivated that I re-vitalized my greatest passion: making musical compositions that source from my inner voice. Right after the weekend, Monday, I was so uplifted with energy that I recorded a first composition dedicated to the Divine Goddess, with our beloved Isis Astara specifically in mind. During our weekend, we really felt her presence and wings laying down on us, to support us. I have called it: The Hymn of the Rose.”
Michel, The Netherlands

For those who would like to listen to Michel’s other musical odes that come from his heart, subscribe to his YouTube channel that can be found on YouTube:

Anchoring Love

During the Galactic Love Party we work and celebrate deeply in union. As a result we recognise that our Soul knows the way. We activate the Divine Being inside us and invoke Divine Love for each other. Paving the way to step into our missions to anchor love energy for Gaia.

“Together focusing on the Light created a special bond in contact with Gaia. A lot of people including myself feel the urgency about what is going on with the planet and that we have do something!!!! Hopefully we will meet again in the future to meditate together and share the love again that we all felt at the last day.”
Guido, The Netherlands

“Wow, isn't it beautiful, wonderful and powerful how the Divine Goddess Energy is taking effect? In increasing pace. Love is the answer. I'm fully confident that we continue in anchoring her into Gaia, liberating humanity from The Matrix and that we can let our divine spark to come to full bloom, and re-meet with our Galactic Soul family.”
Michel, The Netherlands

“The Goddess-Energy you work with was exactly the impulse I needed, what Gaia and Humanity needs. With every gathering that takes place in future, the Sisterhood of the Rose will become more powerful. It is my deepest desire to intensify the connection to my Soul Family and I am willing to do everything I can for the Movement, for healing Gaia, for preparing a New World.”
Stefan, Germany

And that time is NOW! We are ready! It's time! Now we can all come together again to create loving Sisterhood of the Rose groups all over the world. During the last meditation I saw Gaia form into a giant rose. I saw it and smelled the intoxicating scent of a rose. With the help of all Sisterhood of the Rose groups across the planet, just like a miracle, an immense crack in The Matrix formed. The Galactic Sun can once again fully give its rays to our planet and its people! The Earthly Paradise was ready to be born!
Astrid, Belgium

Deep connection

We can receive new insights, each time we connect with each other. We are so touched by the way we met each other, our recognitions and all the miracles that happened. There are so many synchronicities now. We enrich each other. WE ARE each other’s abundance. We feel flooded with love. Thank you all.

“We are hummingbirds flying to wonderland Bimini, wishing people would join and follow us.”
Mara, Latvia

We love you all big time!

Inana and Jacqueline


Little bird, hummingbird,
Take us to Bimini!
Fly, we will follow you
In boats decorated with flowers!

In the wonderland Bimini
Spring dances forever,
Skylarks in the sky are
Cheering/singing in the golden voices!

In the Wonderland Bimini
Silver Source murmurs -
To the one who drinks the magic mouthful-
Wishes come true!

It gives youth to aged man
Eye light to the blind
Wonder water in the source
Heals soul weaknesses/imperfections!

Little bird, hummingbird
Take us to Bimini!
Fly, we will follow you
In boats decorated with flowers!

Witch song before the judgment is delivered

Please feel welcome to join our next Galactic Love Party!

Victory of the Light!

°°°Pearls of Love°°°

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Love Will Crack The Matrix

Many enlightened communities around the world often speak about The Matrix. But what is The Matrix? Are they referring to the movie trilogy called The Matrix? Yes, in a way they are and we do not all call it by the same name.

The Matrix

The Matrix is an invisible electromagnetic grid of earth lines detectable through dowsing. These lines make a grid all around the planet. The lines are about 2.5 metres apart, though this varies slightly from one place to another. The lines roughly make a square grid. They are not confined to the surface of the planet and are heavily noxious sometimes.


This grid holds us captive. It is the prison we live in as it regulates and controls us. Most people on the planet are unaware of this but we have been held captive and enslaved by it for many millennia.


The Matrix needs a certain low vibration to keep it steady. By being more loving and forgiving and raising our vibration we would put serious stress on the grid. So on the up side, when we love ourselves more, love each other more and love our planet more, The Matrix will CRACK. We get out of jail and the long expected Event will be on. Wouldn’t you like that?

‘If You Want to Know the Secrets of the Universe, Think in Terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration – Nikola Tesla’

Solstice 2018

Midsummer or the Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun God. It is a day celebrated by many cultures. This year Midsummer on the Northern hemisphere is celebrated on Thursday the 21stof June. And it is a special one. The energy wave that washed over the crystalline structures of Earth built in its crescendo on the 31st of May into the 1st of June. This continues in June and peaks at 21st of June 2018. It holds the codes for Cosmic or Diamond Ascension. These codes in our DNA are awakening and coming online now.

Be happy

On this powerful day we invite you to come together and create the highest possible vibration not seen on this planet for a very long time. How? This is not complicated. Just spend time, as much time as you can, with people you love. Do fun and loving things together that make you happy. And meditate, raise your vibration and keep it going.

Love will create a crack

In case you want to go all in, you might want to find a romantic hideaway and make love to your sweetheart dedicating your sexual energy to break the walls of this prison. Sexual energy shared between two loving partners is a very potent force of magical co-creation. Working consciously to bring together the orgasmic energy of each person can create a great wave of light. This energy can be harnessed and focused which can seriously increase your manifesting potential.

Let’s crack this Matrix for once and for all. Be love and make love for the planet. Are you with us?

Please feel welcome to join our next Galactic Love Party:

Much Love,

Inana & Jacqueline

Friday, 1 June 2018

Galactic Love Party Nr.1, review

Galactic Love Party Nr1 in Berlin, April 2018 ~ Some impressions


We kicked off with a Galactic Love Party in Berlin, Germany, at the end of April 2018. We simply wanted to experience Galactic Love. This is the reason the Galactic Love Party was created and why Beings of Light joined in and celebrated with us. From many different directions we came to meet at this special place on the bank of the river Spree. The weather was brilliant, the sun was out the whole day and the air was full of freshness. A deep wish to connect with our missions accompanied us. We worked towards the liberation of Gaia and to bring more love to this planet.


From the beginning our group was working very harmoniously and homogenously. At the beginning we activated our angelic natures with the Angel Dance. For all of us this was a powerful and touching experience. We anchored the Angelic Being of each into the Earth to ease the way in finding our true purpose here on Earth and act on it. We did various exercises and meditations and with every step forward our group became more alive. We went into, until then, unknown internal landscapes for many. We engaged with each other on multidimensional levels without having told each other our life’s stories. The Soul Presence came through and we naturally started to express ourselves more openly and freely.

The Goddess

The Goddess Presence was felt very strongly. Especially when it came nearer to the end of our workshop and we created the Goddess Spiral and did the Goddess Dance together. Some exercises seemed more challenging for some, for example expressing ones power through the Tiger Play exercise. After receiving so many activations and initiations we really needed to integrate even during the breaks. At the end of the workshop we activated the Event and despite we did it in a funny way, we believe it worked! It has helped to create an impact and move along the whole collective liberation process.

Soul Family Connections

As soon as we follow our inner guidance, we naturally attract and connect with people on the same frequency and with the same outlook. At this workshop we, Inana and Jacqueline, met each other the first time. The recognition was so deep that we decided to team up and work together in spreading Galactic Love on this planet.

Bringing Love Into Power

Berlin was our first Galactic Love Party and we learned much from it. Our main goal is to bring love into power, an insight we got from our time in Berlin. Women and men need to learn to express their feelings freely and to connect with the immense loving power that is inside of them. Many people either hide this power or do not understand it and disconnected it. We need love-power to liberate this planet. As soon as we reconnect with the power of love we can change our reality.

Love Will Crack The Matrix

Our mission is to anchor love energy in the planet. We do this by organising Galactic Love Parties. These parties are divinely guided. All we do is follow the flow of the energy. At the Berlin Galactic Love Party the idea „Make love for your planet“ was born. When we decide to use our love-energy to crack The Matrix, we will crack it. The most powerful source of energy we have is our sexual energy. The more power we give our intention, the faster The Matrix will come down.

Join us!

Berlin was a wonderful start to our journey to spread Galactic Love across the planet. We will be organising parties regularly from now on. Join us anywhere you like. Or contact us to organise a Galactic Love Party in your hometown or your home country. Let us make love flow abundantly. Celebrate life with us. Join our party!

Victory of the Light and Pearls of Love!

Jacqueline & Inana