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Part 1. Ascension Conference Budapest notes

Saturday April 14th, 10 am to 1:30 pm

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This blog contains part 1 (of 4) of notes made during 1stNew Timeline Ascension Conference by Cobra in Budapest on 14 & 15 April 2018. The production of these notes has been a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel and Jacqueline van Rijswijk. 

These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. These notes have been reviewed and released by Cobra on 31 May 2018.

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Galactic Alignment and Galactic Superwave

Galactic alignment

This is the first Ascension Conference on the new Timeline, which will lead to the Event, and this requires everyone’s active participation. We are into new ways of doing things not previously planned. We here at this conference come from different environments and cultures and we have various belief structures. We will align our energies with meditations.

The Pleiadian Fleet has been here since Thursday. They are here to support the Compression Breakthrough.  

We as humans have been programmed in many layers from our 1st incarnation on this planet. We all come from different star systems. We have surrendered to the implant process during reincarnation, which distorts our view of reality. This is the first layer of programming and is true for all humans.

The second layer is trauma based. In various lifetimes and in this one we have been exposed to shocking events that have fragmented our personality. This is how human subconsciousness was born: if something bad happens, a part of your consciousness goes unconscious and you are then no longer aware of that part. This has been an intense part of the programme at the end of this Matrix era. When you ascend and raise your vibration, it is these subconscious parts that can be attacked during these times.

The third layer of programming we receive from our parents, especially our mothers. We receive our emotions from our mother. If our mother is afraid, we accept that as our own. If the mother is overly critical, we accept that as our own; it becomes part of our personality. 

The fourth layer of programming we receive in school.

The fifth layer of programming comes from the media, including social media etc.

The sixth layer of programming is related to scalar technology encompassing the planet

This is why we are so messed up.

It is our responsibility to de-programme ourselves from these layers of The Matrix. For our Ascension we need to de-programme ourselves from all six and become one with our Higher Self. We need to mergeour personality with our Soul.

To remove and erase all these programmes is the purpose of this conference. It will be difficult, as this will be challenging your belief systems. That is however not the responsibility of Cobra. Cobra is presenting a different perspective. We are running out of time and we need to unlock and release a lot. Intense transformation needs to take place. We here are stepping closer to our personal mission and Ascension process. This is helpful to the global Ascension process. You need to think with your own mind, compare, feel, discern and take here what is useful for you. 

There is a lot of nonsense on the internet now. Just know that on 27 January 2018 the Resistance Movement cut off all info to the world. There is no time to wait for updates through the internet on more information from the Galaxy etc. It is time to prepare yourself for the big change. It is time to grow spiritually and personally in a short time for the time to come. Go into an active transformation action now.

You will know when The Event has happened. The Event will be televised. We will be active then and you need to be trained for this. This happens inside you. Don’t send emails to Cobra to ask for clarity on your mission. You need to go inside and discover your mission. Once you know, you can help. FIND IT OUT! THEN you may email Cobra in case you require help on how your mission can contribute.

Why were you born and are you here now? It is NOT because of your 9 – 5 job, your house, wife, kids, dog etc. Your purpose here is much bigger. That is TOP priority right NOW. Do not waste time. We have a limited number of days remaining. Each day matters! 

Our perspective comes from our 5 senses and these are all programmed. When we look up to the stars, we see about a 1000 of them on a clear night. They are all in a yellow circle, which is our Galaxy. There are 100.000.000 galaxies in the Universe. What you see is only a tiny fraction of reality, but all our beliefs are based on that. It is time to expand our horizons to include more into our reality. THAT is why we are here. 

Cobra’s view from beyond The Veil

The strangelet bombs have been removed but there are still some toplet bombs active. The toplet bombs will be difficult to clear as they are connected to the surface population. The RM is making sure not to make them go off. No help is wanted nor asked from the surface population in this process; it is too risky. The Light Forces will take care of this. Toplet bombs were invented by the Chimera group millions of years ago. 

Your loved ones have their own free will ánd weaknesses. Help them to work on them. Attacks come through these weak spots. But whatever problems they face, they need to take responsibility and have the willingness to work on this themselves. Sometimes an attack on you comes through attacking your loved ones through their weak spots. Remember one important thing however: (dark) beings cannot attack where they are not invited. They are not powerful like that.
The problem was the Primary Anomaly. This is a quantum field no one understands. When angels were submitted to the Primary Anomaly, the dark forces were born. They have occupied certain parts of the Galaxy. Some of them were transported from Orion to this solar system in 1996. Earth is their last fortress: the only planet left which is under their powers. 

The Galactic Superwave

The Galactic Central Sun provides energy inside and outside the Galaxy. It is the source of Light in this Galaxy and it is very strong. One of the ways it is transmitted is in the form of Tachyons. They move faster than light. They are the first matter created when the Universe was born. Tachyons do not connect to matter. They cannot be corrupted or misused for negative purposes. They transmute negative energies in positive ones. They are able to transform the Primary Anomaly and bring humanity into the new age and expanded consciousness.

Cobra has built Tachyon chambers. He started this 14 years ago on instruction by the Pleiadians. Now Tachyon chambers are spread across the planet. In cooperation with space agencies, products enriched with Tachyon technology will become available on the planet. Tachyon essence is beautiful, currently however The Veil absorbs the Tachyon particles. 

The Ascension process is both an individual and collective process. It is not only happening on this planet but throughout the Universe. First the Ascension process was moving forward gradually but now it is being accelerated faster and faster until the final breakthrough. All individual missions are part of this and assist the Ascension Plan.

Do you remember? All of your lifetimes you have been preparing for something. You were preparing for THIS lifetime. Before incarnation in this life, together with your guides you made a plan on how to reach your mission now. It was a dynamic plan as much was unknown. However this plan is still active in you. It can be accessed. Tomorrow we will go into that. You must however be absolutely honest with yourself. What you really want is not related to the 3rd Dimension. The question is: will you follow your inner voice or will you follow society? If you have heard you inner voice all your life, you are already following your own Ascension Plan. If not, you need to make the choice: your own Ascension Plan or society. You make that choice every single moment. As the situation unfolds in life, opportunities and tests arrive, like in a videogame. Go left or go right, the relevant doors will open. The easy option is to stay. When at the first level, you are not aware of the other levels. You can remain in your village and not ever travel anywhere. Do the same job for 30 to 40 years, because your parents chose that for you. But people taking risks can discover The Matrix and go down the rabbit hole. You will begin to discover the world is a stage, which has been engineered. You will discover your Free Will and your power. This is a power that can change the destiny of this planet. 

History has always been written by a small group of individuals. When each of us here - 270 people - exercises our own Free Will, we can change the course of history on this planet. 

If you follow your inner voice and act upon your mission, deeper levels of the game will present themselves. You make the choice; you have to do it yourself. Cobra is only here to present options. 

For most people in the world their experience now is: ‘business as usual’. For the awakened ones these are unusual times. Something is going on with the planet and the solar system. Even scientists have confirmed that something is changing in our Galaxy. The planetary situation is very unusual, but many things are happening from behind the scenes. You feel and sense it in your bones. But the mainstream media says, “nothing is going on and everything is normal”, because they want everyone to believe this in order to delay the change. 

There are 5 families in the world that control the mainstream media to keep the status quo, but they are aware that change will happen, as there are cosmic forces in play. The Galactic alignment is ongoing and they will not be able to stop it. It is based on a cosmic cycle, which has been proven by scientific facts. The cycle has to do with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the wobble in the Earth every 25.000 years or so. Because of this alignment the solar system goes into solar minimum.

The last time this happened was 13.000 years ago and caused a mass extinction event among animals and humans. We are now at the halfway point of the Precession cycle again. In this window we have a big possibility to change things and turn them around. Big problems like global nuclear wars and WWIII, mass extinction of humanity and cataclysms have been prevented because of the collective work of Light Workers (1998-2000). People meditating have averted nuclear war. That is why we are not all dust right now.

On the other side, before incarnation you made a plan. Originally the plan was for The Event to happen in 1995. A group of souls would trigger this. However 80% of this group of Souls refused to awaken and carry out their mission. Just 20 (??) people could have changed the destiny of the planet and did not. This timeline then collapsed. Then in 1996 there was the Chimera invasion.

Now Light Workers and Light Warriors are attacking each other. We need to get to our senses! And realize that we are playing with the destiny of the planet. 

We are still in Galactic alignment and many things are possible. The time window for The Event runs from 1975 to 2025. We need to plan for the planetary transformation, as this period is full of potential and breakthrough AND full of dangers. We are navigating these dangers right now.

DO NOT wait for anyone; they will do their part. On the surface we need to get things going, connect, cooperate and coordinate our missions. This is the reason behind Cobra’s blog. After the collapse of the 1995 plan, there was another opportunity in 2012. Ten years before they told Cobra the arrests would happen in 2012. The target was April 2012. But nobody talked about it until Drake did in February 2012. Then critical mistakes were made and the plan was cancelled. People were so fragmented and programmed; the risk was too high. Then the Chimera and the bombs were discovered. Removing the toplet bombs is a task of the Galactic Forces; they have been removing them ever since.

We need a core group of people on the surface of the planet that is sensible enough, aware of and responsible for their triggers, reliable, sane and know what they need to do. The transformation of the population on the surface needs people on the ground. 

The Galactic Superwave is a heartbeat, a pulsation from the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic Sun is responsible for bringing us into a Higher Dimension. It happens every 13.000 years, one big wave and one smaller wave. This wave activates our physical Sun. This is what people also have called ‘the solar flash’. It is not an isolated event; it is our sun reacting to the energy of the Galactic Superwave. The wave will not only affect our Sun but the whole Galaxy. It travels through the Galaxy faster than the speed of light, emitting Tachyon and other particles. This wave will activate our Sun and through our sun, influence Earth. It will change physical matter, the Sun and life conditions on this planet. The energy involves a lot of spiritual energy that activates us / our individual Ascension process.

The Pleiadians have been very active to stimulate this Ascension process. Because of the incident on 27 January 2018 the Pleiadians have intensified this process in the past few months. They have activated Soul Family members according to the Pleiadian protocols and created a Galactic Network of Light. They are not the only ones working on and responsible for this. Many hundreds of billions of years ago the Central Race started with this. They have many names, such as the Watchers, Wingmakers and Blue Avians. They have collocated Golden Ratio Spirals: pulsars located strategically throughout the Galaxy in a Fibonacci sequence, in order to transmit coherent information to civilizations that are able to decode it. We can see these spirals in our solar system. As soon as an advanced group within a civilisation reaches a certain level of spiritual maturity, they are contacted. Maturity is thus measured by the state of consciousness of this most advanced group. After that, expansion to the whole civilisation takes place. Cobra needs such an advanced group on this planet. That is why we are here at the conference.

The Superwave creates changes. Our Sun emits plasma in torus form and this creates a vortex that surrounds the whole solar system. On the edge of that torus is interstellar space, the heliopause. This is an important area as a huge fleet - billions - of motherships is located in this plasmafield. These billions of motherships direct the energy from the Galactic Central Sun to Earth right now, to guide the awakening of humans and prepare them for contact in the most optimal way.

They need conductors of these high energy fields on the surface of the planet: physical incarnations through which they regulate this cosmic flow. The Cintamani project and grid is a huge success and stabilizes this energy, but it is not enough. A certain amount of people is needed who can canalize this energy and stay stable when things start to happen and people start to freak out.

Last Monday [9 April 2018] can be seen as a test. The RM started to clear the Archon grids. This made the dark forces freak out and start the escalation in Syria. 

The reactions from Light Workers have been:

            Indifference: “Don’t worry all is well.”
 Or fear: “Oh my!” 
 Or action: “What can we do?”

Do not go into fear or indifference. Focus your action, for example through meditation. This will change the course of what will happen and of all that is going on. A group of people is needed who are able to transmit this energy.

Cobra will release intelligence when this is possible. This is sensitive information and involves the Higher Dimensions. 

A torus is a higher dimensional breath of life that projects itself through a hyper dimensional doorway into lower dimensions. We all have a torus. An apple has a torus. The planet has a torus. The galaxy has a torus. A Soul Family has one too. Every being has a torus.

The openings at the poles of our planet are not physical; they are higher dimensional stargates where the energy rotates and shifts all the time. But now the energy of Gaia and its fields need to be healed. A lot needs to be removed. Our political situation is a reflection of this and the Goddess Vortex is the reason for this. Archons have repressed the Goddess energies and originated their Archon grid in Iraq, because this is where the Goddess Vortex resides: in Hassuna-Samarra on the border of Syria and Iraq. It is one of the most important ones on the planet. That is why they prevent peace from anchoring and keep wars ongoing there. Peace in that area would be a huge victory for the Light Forces. Syria is the barometer of Earth.

New Atlantis and the Energy Grid

New Atlantis

The Atlantis energy network has always been here. We need it to survive. Without it, there would be no physical life on this planet. It has had various transformations. The Cintamani project was designed to heal this planetary energy grid. Master St. Germain is the main being responsible for and head of the New Atlantis project. In one of his incarnations as Francis Bacon he wrote a book called “New Atlantis, a work undefined”. It is connected to the awakening of humanity.

Atlantis has 3 phases:
1.    The first Atlantis was in the Pleiadian star system long ago. There they explored the relationship between matter and consciousness. It was here that the primary anomaly was discovered.
2.    The second Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, 11.500 years ago. It was destroyed around 9564 BC. It is not Antarctica.
3.    The third Atlantis, called New Atlantis, is now underway. It is St. Germain’s project. It will contain the civilisation of Light that will be born after The Event. Humanity is being prepared for this through energy work and the spreading of information on the energy grid. 

Francis Bacon released the plan for this third Atlantis. He was very active with its preparations in the 18th Century. Various people were initiated into the Goddess Mysteries. In 1775 he opened a Mystery School in Paris but this was not made public. The Egyptian Isis Mysteries were released there by count Cagliostro. Marie-Antoinette, the French queen, was one of these initiates. During the coming event a certain place in Versailles is going to be of crucial importance for the energy grid. 

The Mystery school was supported by 3 different Freemason lodges and these were made public. Benjamin Franklin was one of the people initiated by St. Germain. The US was intended to become the New Atlantis, but the dark forces hijacked the project. The Constitution of the US has been written in such a way that it can trigger The Event. This was part of the plan of the Light Forces. The real Constitution is indestructible, so it has been denied and suppressed in various ways. That is why there are so many black projects and secret military forces in the US; they have no constitutional foundation and go against the Constitution. St. Germain is still working on this project. In alignment with the mission of certain individuals information will be released. 

The Cintamani grid in Antarctica counteracts the dark grid, which consists of Artificial Intelligence, plasma and scalar technology being powered from Long Island. Big Brother is really watching you. They can hear everything you say out loud, write or read, but they cannot read your mind.

Some 200 to 300 cloaked ships are above this conference centre right at this moment. When they would de-cloak, within minutes aircraft would be deployed and they would be bombed. There are 500-1000 Pleiadians here watching this room and eager to make contact with you. But they can’t appear physically because there are RADAR-systems in place that would detect them. Artificial Intelligence and scalar technology monitors everything: head, pulse, skin. This happens all the time. However it is not perfect, it has faults. The AI is stupid. It is just as smart as its programmer. This is not a smart individual. It is a being connected to the dark forces, which does not understand the Light. That is their weakness. That will make a crack in The Matrix possible through which the Pleiadians can and will come in and land.

The Primary Anomaly is unknown to the Light forces and behaves like Murphy’s Law. Our human awareness is needed to dissolve it. Blissed out Masters in a cave will not resolve The Matrix. Only by being inside the mess and being consciously aware of it and being a silent witness of what is going on, we will be able to transform and dissolve the Primary Anomaly.

The energy grid

The energy grid is not static. It is a dynamic flow according to Sacred Geometry patterns. In Science it is called a standing wave. But there are also things happening on the physical plane. The Cintamani project is about putting more energy points into the energy grid. Cintamani stones are conductors of energy. For every Cintamani stone on this planet a mothership is activated and putting energy into it. Put the stone into the ground, a mothership will put the energy into the ground. Each time a stone gets planted in the ground it becomes a point for an Angelic being to anchor a vortex for the Goddess energy in the ground. Next to mass meditations, it is the most powerful tool to transfer galactic energy to the surface.  

The Light Forces activated the Goddess Vortex in Syria last Monday. The Archons acted immediately, intervening with military force. Mass meditation to relieve the situation in Syria will take place this Monday at 4 am CET in Europe. Although Europe only holds 15% of the global population it is still important for Europe to participate, despite the early hour. From an alignment point of view this is the most suitable time to do the meditation. Many lives on the planet have been saved in the past as a result of mass meditations. And this one will too. Each person counts. Spread the meditation as much as you can. The military intervention has already started.

Meditation can minimize the effect of the Archon grid suppressing this energy. Italian physical Black Nobility Families - Vatican oriented societies - control the Archon grid[1]. A not so well known family named the Mercer family, controls the pharmaceutical industry. They control Cambridge Analytical too and it is this company that ensured that Donald Trump became POTUS. The scandal about Facebook is not about Facebook, but it is to hide the things Cambridge Analytical is doing. So they throw Mark Zuckerberg under the bus and nobody investigates Cambridge Analytical. It is all connected to Syria. It is the same people that are manipulating Trump. We need to bring peace and balance to Syria. That is the purpose of the global meditation initiative.

In August 2017 we had the most successful mass meditation to date. This is important because it unified various groups. It was a collective effort between Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Cobra. The number of people meditating was 3 to 4 million. It created a power in the unified consciousness. 

The initiative of one person can have planetary consequences. The group here at the conference theoretically can change the world, if they follow their mission 100%. But it is not just the 270 people here. We have 10s of millions of ascended beings and galactic forces helping us, including the Pleiadians, various secret Dragon groups, and Chinese Dragon groups. WE ARE NOT ALONE! They are all supporting in a certain way. There is a lot of support. When you decide to follow your mission, you will get support in many unexpected ways. 

During the next phase we will need the Goddess Energy strongly. The RM guards many sacred caves on the planet. The Agartha network also guards sacred caves and certain lineages of Goddess Priestesses are guarding others. A conference group in the past has seen a Goddess cave in Hawaii and there is one close to Budapest too. These caves have had a very important role in the Compression Breakthrough for 1000s of years and have held the Goddess energies and mysteries for ages. Some of the caves became treasure caves holding crystals etc; in other caves certain objects of power were hidden. These caves are activated now and closer to The Event they will radiate Goddess power.

Chemtrails are part of the mass extinction programme of the dark forces. They are only 1% effective and are a big waste of their resources. The Pleiadians will clear them after The Event.

For mass meditations you need the right moment to be really powerful.

Children need love, sincere and open communication, and clear boundaries. Never lie to them.

Contact Dish and Confederation Domain

The contact dish project started years ago. However the timeline changed in January this year. That is why the project is made public; it is designed to liberate the planet. If the property is your own and you have a legal title to it, you can decide to dedicate it to the contact dish project. It is a private agreement between you and the Pleiadians. However say nothing out loud to be able to experience this.

The Archon control grid monitors the UFO activity. They are monitoring everything you see and talk about out loud. They will monitor the property. But they will not be able to monitor all of them 100%. Their AI is stupid and can’t recognise things. They can’t see the signs.

It needs to be your private property so as the Cabal cannot accuse you of violating laws. They can’t do anything this way. When they do, it is trespassing. It is your business if you want a Pleiadian ship in your garden. If the military steps in, they would be violating your rights. They can cover it up 1 time or 10 times, but not 100s or 1000s of times.

They can kill a 1000 of us, but they cannot afford killing everyone. It will become too obvious and they want to maintain the illusion that everything is normal. But they also can’t afford suppressing everything anymore. They will try to spin a fake story through the mainstream media, e.g. the announcements of fake alien invasions will increase, or negative Pleiadians, or a negative Ashtar Command. This is the Cabal spinning the story. The Pleiadians have saved Cobra’s life many times. He is convinced they are the good guys. They are positive and loving. When you get into contact with them, you’ll know.

The plan for The Event has changed as of January 2018. It is now classified. The Event has changed. Mass arrests may or may not happen. Contact may or may not happen. Dark forces may or may not be removed, but the Compression Breakthrough WILL happen. When it does, you will know. It will be very real.

The dark ones do not know the new plan or what to expect. They have gone too far and have to face the consequences. The Light forces will implement Galactic Codex[2] as a legal basis on this planet. It is valid for all social interactions between various races in the Galaxy.

If there is a civilisation where a critical mass of the people’s rights is violated military action may be taken. A Galactic military force will assist with the liberation of the planet. As of 27 January 2018 Earth is a Confederation planet and considered Galactic Confederation Domain. The Galactic Confederation Laws will be enforced on this planet with military force if necessary. The hostage situation is a complication however.

The plan for planetary liberation is to keep everyone alive and to liberate the planet in the best possible way. We are in the last phase of galactic wars and a liberation process that have been ongoing for 8 million years. STAR WARS is not science fiction. It is, in a way, telling our story and symbolic for what is happening now. The geopolitical situation on this planet is only understandable from a Galactic standpoint. Benjamin Fulford has high up contacts in the geopolitical scene and he is realising this now. Our geopolitical game is in effect a STAR WARS conflict. There are races with human roots and races with Draco roots. The Draco involve themselves with exotic and occult technology. The situation is similar to WWII. The conflict is however happening mainly on the energetic instead of on the physical planes. The difference from WWII is that at that time we did not have hundreds of thousands of Light Workers meditating, as we do now. If they would stop meditating, we would have WWIII within 2-3 days... Light Workers have prevented WWIII from happening through meditation. Any form of positive mass meditation is able to prevent such negative events.

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Please feel welcome to join our next Galactic Love Party:

[1]The most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland and Greece - in that order. Their roots may be traced back to the Venetian oligarchs, who are of Khazar extraction, and married into these royal houses in the early part of the twelfth century. [Source:]


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