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Part 2. Ascension Conference Budapest notes

Saturday April 14th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm 

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This blog contains part 2 (of 4) of notes made during 1stNew Timeline Ascension Conference by Cobra in Budapest on 14 & 15 April 2018. The production of these notes has been a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel and Jacqueline van Rijswijk. 

These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. These notes have been reviewed and released by Cobra on 31 May 2018.
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Primary Contracts Removal

Our decision to come to quarantine earth is a consequence of decisions from a long time ago. As we arrived in this quarantine situation, all that happened afterward was a result of these decisions: the primary contract. The dark was in control. Anyone who wanted to incarnate here had to agree to the rules set by the dark. When we made the decision to incarnate, we had to sign a contract. It was an agreement between the dark forces and yourself to limit and program your consciousness in a certain way. We are here and we all signed the contract; if not, we were not allowed to incarnate here. We have a moment of choice now. Do we feel empowered enough to use our Free Will and to cancel this contract? Free Will rules! 

We can cancel the contract, but for this you need to be aware of its existence. All the problems you have now stem from the contract you agreed to in the past. That is the entry point for changing your problems. When you cancel the original contract, you can stop the attacks with the Law of Manifestation. To cancel the primary contract, say the protocol below out loud. 

We have claimed our own Free Will or at least part of it now. The contract removal protocol can be repeated anytime. It will continue to release parts of the dark control and set you free.

Before awakening you are ‘safe’ from Archons. After awakening and when gaining powers, you get attacked. But if you continue to release pain, anger, trauma etc. you’ll be protected. You’ll be able to do more and have more.

Being awake is about knowing yourself, who you are, what your dreams are. You have inner and outer understanding. Then you become extremely protected.

Birth process: during this process you forget your memories because of very strong implants in the plasma field. You need about 3 years to recover from this.

Implant Triangulation 

The contracts were the basis for the implants. The removal process starts with the contract removal protocol, but it does not finish there. 

There are two main implants. These are used to organize the social programming in the galaxy. But here on Earth things went further than that. Our society is the most programmed than anywhere else, anytime.

The liberation of Planet X in 1999 only took 2 weeks, but the people there were more awakened than the human population and groups here. They rebelled and liberated themselves. 

The members of the RM have the same physical bodies, but have a completely different society. 

1st primary implant

This implant separates our Soul from our personality. It splits us from the Source, separates God from man and Goddess from woman. This is the source of all religions. Religions were created to separate man from God. To get to God you need a Priest and he negotiates for you and does the programming. This is how the Vatican was created and what the Vatican is all about. They are the intermediate between humanity and the divine consciousness. 

Eusebius, scholar of the Biblical Canon and ‘Father of Church History’, created the Bible in 325 AD by taking different scriptures from different religions to create a cult to enable unified programming for the Roman Empire: the One World Government (NWO) under Jesuit control. It is still the same game now, as the Jesuit plan unfolds to unite religions in order to programme the human mind and to enforce the primary implant. 

If you want to dissolve this primary implant, you need to start to reconnect again with the Source. The main key for reconnection with Source is accessing your emotions. It is some intense emotional programming that needs to be undone. A connection with Source/ your Higher Self is activated by Kundalini energy, located in the head. The Kundalini needs to rise all the way up to and out of the crown. You need to create a force in the head to push up the Kundalini. The implants create a mental structure. This mental structure tells you how to behave and what you can and cannot do. Your emotions are the key to breakthrough. Emotions are a stargate. If you allow yourself to feel your emotions, you get the connection back. Whatever they are, a part of the implant will dissolve. If you allow feeling them, you will have a Kundalini Samadhi experience and start to integrate and remember who you are. You will not go to Cobra’s conferences and listen to him speak. You’ll get an understanding from the inside. 

2nd implant

The second implant we will be talking about today was put into the belly (solar plexus) at the time of Atlantis. It is located three fingers above the belly button. It divided male from female personalities and perspectives on life, and created huge misunderstandings. It separated us psychologically: men and women live in totally different worlds and realities.

The perceptions are different and the relationship programming is different. This is all part of the implant programming. The deepest aspect of this implant is that it creates a separation of love and sexual energy. Men are programmed in one way and females in another. Women feel the heart energy, but not the sexual energy. Men feel the sexual energy, but not the heart energy. When men and women come together, they can only connect through the programme / The Matrix, but they cannot make a real connection as man and woman. 

The idea for reconnecting is to connect both aspects. Men have trust issues and want to control and understand everything (that is why men like technology so much). They need to connect with their emotions. Women generally allow the flow of energy because they have a form of basic trust and their heart energy flows through them to be able to raise children (that is why they like talking so much). Women have a hard time to connect to their sexual energy because of the implant ánd because of 5.000 years of abuse. They need to connect with their sexual energy. 

Cuba was part of Atlantis with many Goddess temples. The Spaniards in the 1500s tried to destroy as many temples as possible. Hungary has a huge Goddess Vortex. In the past many important cultures and tribes lived here who were preserving the sacred energy for Europe.

There are two aspects to your implants:
-       It is a rotating black hole (energy field)
-       It has the belief system forced into it

Your deeper beliefs have been implanted into you with the help of an electromagnetic field. To dissolve that, you need to triangulate and not identify with them anymore. The most basic way to release the primary implant is to do the following: you write on a page, as long as you can manage, on the left side: I am God and then on the right side: I am not God. Feel and believe it too. Continue row after row. 

This creates polarities. By putting the mind in both polarities at the same time you will dissolve the primary implant. If you write it long enough you will have a Samadhi experience.

To dissolve the other implant one can write, feel and believe: sex is love and sex is not love at the same time. 

Light Body Activation 

When the implants are gone, a spontaneous connection between your personality and your Soul will be possible. Then your Soul energy will come through. There are two ascension options:
-      The body disintegrates;
-      The body ascends with you.

As to the latter option, the Light of the Soul will transmute all of your personality and change your physical body. Your body begins to function differently; the mitochondria - the ‘energy factory’ cells in your body - begin to emit energy. In time, your body may not need food anymore and death of the physical is not inevitable anymore. When you fill your physical body with Light, you will ascend. On Earth some 500 people have achieved this. In this room here today there are 270 new potentials. We here have a great advantage.

If enough of the implants have been dissolved, the soul can integrate in the body and the Kundalini energy can emerge. When you remove the primary implant in your head by doing the 1stexercise enough times, your Soul will be able to enter your body and go downward. When you remove the second implant in your solar plexus by doing the 2ndexercise enough times, your Kundalini energy will be able to rise upward. When the upward going Kundalini meets the downward going Soul energy, a double column of Light will be created and you can manifest your ascension. It creates portals into the 4thand 5th dimensions, dimensions outside space/time. By transcending space/time or the third dimension you can crack The Matrix. You become Neo as in the movie The Matrix. 

Your Light Body is then a torus manifesting in the third dimension. You can activate part of your Light Body by creating a conscious connection with your Soul. Every time you connect with the Higher Dimensions a part of your Light Body is activated. In the future Cobra may provide Light Body activation workshops. 
A Pleiadian spaceship is the Light Body of a Pleiadian being. By focussing and stabilizing the mind they can land at precise coordinates. If you want to ride a Light Body, you need to be stable in your mind. You can even use your body as a vehicle. When you are a more evolved being, you do not need spaceships to travel anymore. 


With ATVOR technology the Confederation and Ashtar Command are sending 5th dimensional columns of Light from motherships from the 5th dimension into the 3rd. This can help you to manifest perfection in your life. That is all that can be said about this at this point.

You need to magnetically manifest the right situation in your life. However the Earths energy needs to be right for this. Ashtar Command has started working on this today. It is in our future at some point that we will be able to teleport our physical body into another dimension when we are technologically completely activated. This is the future for many awakened on the planet right now. 

NB: Your Free Will is stronger than any programming. Pay attention to your dreams ;-).

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