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Galactic Love Party

Sisterhood of the Rose

With Inana & Jacqueline

The chaos in the world is increasing and our craving for more Love and Light on Gaia is intensifying. For the Galactic Wave of Love to come in and take root we are tasked to create an environment where this can manifest. Long ago YOU came down to Gaia to play your part in the transformation. The time of transformation is NOW.

We have created this workshop we call Galactic Love Party to connect you to your Goddess (or God) power in support of your MISSION to bring more Love and Light to this planet.

At the end of April we kicked off in Berlin and we had a magical time together. We continue with our Galactic Love Party and you are very welcome to join us! 

Victory of the Light!

Much love from Inana and Jacqueline

We are bringing LOVE into power to CRACK The Matrix

In circles of spiritual expansion more and more people are talking about a solar flash coming from the Galactic Central Sun. Every 13.000 years our Central Sun emits a high vibration energy pulse into the Galaxy like a heartbeat. This pulse is full of love energy and we are at a time that we can expect it again …

To support anchoring this love energy on Earth groups around the planet meet regularly and meditate together.

Our upcoming workshops are aimed at women and men who want to work or want to establish meditation groups. We provide various tools and methods to connect people with themselves and others and create a harmonious unity in which everyone has her or his own place.

It is about finding the connection to your true being, opening up and surrendering together to the cosmic primordial energy. The tools and methods shared here during this 2-day workshop may be applied and disseminated by you freely.


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Part 4. Ascension Conference Budapest notes

Sunday April 15th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm 

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This blog contains part 4 (of 4) of notes made during 1stNew Timeline Ascension Conference by Cobra in Budapest on 14 & 15 April 2018. The production of these notes has been a co-creative effort of Hanneke van Ginkel and Jacqueline van Rijswijk. 

These notes are written as if Cobra was speaking. This is not what he said word for word, but paraphrasing what he said. These notes have been reviewed and released by Cobra on 31 May 2018.

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Return of the Goddess

The return of the Goddess is connected to the Galactic Wave of Love. When the Galactic Heart is activated, a huge Galactic Wave of Love (= energy) is emitted by the Galactic Central Sun. This wave will transform our Solar system and our planet. It will remove all darkness. When it hits Earth everything on the surface will drastically transform. 

The wave will pass through the energy fields and bodies of the most awakened individuals on the surface of the earth. As a result of the unfortunate events on the 27th January 2018, the Pleiadian Fleet has already initiated the incoming of this wave and the New Timeline. Since that moment the Pleiadian Fleet has been extremely active in further awakening and preparing the most awakened on the planet to become conduits of this Galactic Wave of Love, through their energy fields and bodies.

Some aspects of the New Timeline are being released now. The rest will not be released.
The most sane, healed and integrated, awakened individuals will begin to transmit through their bodies the energy of the Galactic Central Sun coming to them through the Fleets of the Galactic Confederation in space. Through their bodies our STAR Brothers and STAR Sisters send the energies of the Galactic Wave of Love to Earth. These individuals will be the catalysts of the phase transition to a new society. The Galactic Wave of Love will be the trigger through which humanity will change and face its New Reality. 

The main purpose of this conference is to activate most of us for this Galactic Wave of Love. If you choose and want to do this, you can give your inner permission. You do not need to say it out loud. You will be contacted directly then. This contact can happen in various ways and is a personal experience. The Confederation will be working through you to activate the Galactic Wave of Love on the surface of this planet and achieve the compression breakthrough.

As a result of the activation process we will also start to trigger strong transformation processes in other people because your energy fields get stronger and stronger.

2018 is a special time because it contains the completion of a galactic cycle and a cosmic cycle. 13,4 billion years ago it expanded; now it is getting smaller again. The Will of the Absolute descends right through the dimensions and clears the Primary Anomaly.

The Return of the Goddess is very important for the Galactic Wave of Love. It represents energy in its highest form. It is the feminine aspect of the Absolute, representing love and receptivity. It is energy that allows and creates space for transformation. It is very powerful, that is why it has been so severely suppressed by the dark forces. It was the only way they could control humanity. When humanity started to awaken, it signalled the end of their control and suppression. Goddess Energy is the perfect mirror of the ONE. When it is awakened there is no stopping it. It has many aspects. One of which is reawakening the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The Sisterhood of the Rose was an ancient Mystery School. It was brought to Earth by the Central Race in Atlantis. A certain not so well known Goddess, Iona, belonging to the Central Race, came to Atlantis and initiated 12 Priestesses and transformed the planet.

The knowledge was transmitted to Mystery Schools of Atlantis and from there it was spread to Egypt, Crete, Sumeria, Rome, the Rose Templars and Cathars. St. Germain, Lord Cagliostro and secret societies transmitted it in the 18thCentury. 

Cobra was instructed to recreate the Sisterhood of the Rose a year ago. Today we take the 1stof the next steps. The most important step, as the Sisterhood of the Rose will anchor the feminine energy for everybody and everything on the planet.

[During the Conference a group of women (representing all the 23 countries present) volunteered to organize weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in their country. Cobra initiated these women during a beautiful Ceremony and Isis is preparing them from beyond the Veil for the second phase of the Return of the Goddess. During this activation High Priestesses were present right below the conference building and some above in their Lightships. From the Pleiadians: Semyasi, Manuela and Stara. Resistance Movement: Kelly, Leia, Sara and Anaya. Ashtar Command: Ashtar Atina. And of course Isis Astara. She considers this the crown of her work. This physical anchor of the Sisterhood of the Rose is essential for the Return of the Goddess Energy on planet earth. Sisterhood of the Rose groups are also for men! They are for everyone.]

The moon is a natural object that transmits Goddess Energy. High Priestesses can use Moon energy to heal their own emotions and of others. Some of the Rosecrucians were member of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The energy of the Goddess will change our perspective on everything on this planet. E.g. our physical bodies, art, and the way we communicate. It will transform human society, anchor the Galactic Wave of Love and prepare us for First Contact.

The physical meetings anchor the Galactic Wave of Love to the planet. From now on Light Forces will anchor the Wave of Love through the Sisterhood of the Rose and expand love over the planet.

All Pleiadians have very strong connections to the Goddess presence. Goddess presence needs to be here for humanity to transform. But there are also other purposes.

Soul Families

As part of the New Timeline actions are taken to actively reconnect Soul Families. It will be a connection with your true Soul Group. These connections will form the base of the New Society. The societal transitions started decades ago, but nobody knew what we were transforming into.

1stPhase: Tribe society

2ndPhase: Physical family society
Mother – father – child. This has been the case on this planet for the last 5000 years and is oriented towards bloodlines. You are close to people of your bloodline. This is the case for humanity now, but not for the societies in the Galaxy or in the Inner Earth.

3rdPhase: Soul Family society
The transition into this started in 1945 at the end of WWII, after the big victory of the Galactic Confederation. It started to imprint ideas of a new society. The Confederation attempted to make contact in the 1950s. The same imprint has led to the sexual revolution in the 1960s. It has created a gradual dissolve of the physical family.

Before 1945 the rate of divorce was 20%. Now it is over 70%. This is because we are in a transition. We are not satisfied with the current marriage model anymore. These models are not based on love, but mostly on economic necessity and the structure of society. Women had to accept it and suffered accordingly.

After the 1945 when the Galactic impulses began, women started to rise up. Now women want more and men are confused. Men do not fit into the model that is not revealed yet. Men will become the heroes of the New Society. All are to follow their mission. This is key for men in the future where Soul Families will be the basis of society. 

Communities in the old paradigm are not successful and are connected to the personality level. The only way new areas of Light can be created is from the perspective of the Soul Family. Soul Families started to be initiated from 27/1/2018. The Pleiadians are actively awakening all Light Workers and Light Warriors to awaken to their Soul Essence and form connections to become a model for the New Society. The purpose of this conference was to gather Soul Families to enable connections on a Soul level. This is the basis for the New Society. Cobra received instructions from the Pleiadians to connect with the members of his own Soul Family. It all started at this conference and it will continue to expand. This is the way to crack The Matrix.

The Soul Family is broad. There are Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters and to a degree they are similar to friends and companions. There are also deeper connections possible. These are called Soul Mates. There are various ways Soul Mates are together. The most important Soul Mate connection is one between members of opposite polarity: male and female. They come together with the purpose of manifesting a sacred union on all levels of creation, from physical to spiritual. As they do their missions together, they become the channels of love for the Galactic Wave. Other Soul Mate connections are deep friendships, or parents and children with deep Soul connections. There are Soul Mates of the same polarity that also have a sexual connection. All these different ways of coming together can be Soul Mate related.

The connection between a man and woman is designed to create a sacred union, to manifest love on the physical plane and anchor this for the planet. It is something the Archons don’t like. They do whatever they can to prevent them from meeting each other and connecting. They use advanced technology for this. If Soul Mates do meet, they create a trigger to arrange the partners to go into conflicts and misunderstanding. Scalar technology shuts down one part of the Soul Mate connection, but not the other one. This is the main reason for heartbreaks. This is not recognised and that is the main problem. In 3D many explanations are given on a psychological level, but it does not happen through a natural process: it happens through technology. 

There are two ways the Archons trigger opposite reaction mechanisms through childhood trauma:
1.    Connect obsessively
2.    Escape obsessively

When the partners come together, the Archons trigger these to prevent the union. In case the Soul Mate union is still successful, they might even kill one of the partners. The reason is that if the union were successful, it would put high levels of love energy into the energy grid. Basically this would represent the connection between a High Priestess and a High Priest, in its pure form. When anchored in consciousness they transmit love energy in the planet, doing their mission.

Situation in Syria

Although this has seen different levels of intensity, the Archon grid has prevented Soul Mate unions for the last 26.000 years on this planet. Last Monday [9 April 2018] the Resistance Movement started clearing Archon interference from the Hassuna-Samarra Goddess Vortex on the border of Syria and Iraq. The Archons went on red alert as this could create a crack in The Matrix. Through Black Nobility families, Jesuits and the Knights of Malta they triggered Trump into war action. 

The Hassuna-Samarra Vortex is the reason that there have been wars in Iraq and Syria. Some 5000 years ago there was a culture there that was strongly connected to the Goddess Energy. The Soul Mate connections and manifestations were strong there at the time: the Vortex was able to effectuate Soul Mate union back then. The Vortex is on the same Ley Line as Stonehenge and many false flag events like: 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook. In those cases a wave of fear goes through this Ley Line and suppresses the Goddess Energy. 

So the current war and military escalation in Syria is designed to create fear and suppress Goddess Energy in this Vortex and to prevent removal of the Archon grid. It is the Archon grid wanting to prevent Soul Mate connections and not Trump playing 5D chess. Trump is not serving the Light and not serving the Dark. He is serving his personality.

The next level of connection with Soul Families is through Twin Souls. Twin Souls are created in the same time/space. One Soul is created by the Galactic Central Sun and is split in two halves. They represent the original divine archetype of the male and female, the Divine Couple: Shiva and Shakti. The connections are deeper than Soul Mate connections. This is the reason for our original yearning for a perfect relationship. 

The Archons have misused this by creating a Twin Soul fantasy programme. They subconsciously make the woman think the man is her Twin Soul. That is why women get married. However, then she finds out that her husband is not her Twin Soul. She gets disappointed and the marriage starts failing.

In Hollywood movies this Twin Soul fantasy illusion is presented frequently and used by the Archons to control female sexual energy. The Diamond Trade family (Beres?) manipulate this illusion too, through the selling of diamond rings.

It has prevented real Twin Soul connections from happening and keeps humanity from moving forward.

We all have a Twin Soul. However, they are NOT incarnated on the surface of this planet at the moment. In advanced courses you can learn to connect to them energetically and telepathically. 

The key for Soul Mates to be together is simple: listen to each other and integrate the other in a way that is good for both. Problems will arise, but as long as they keep communicating and are willing to take steps towards each other, their love will grow and grow.

Sexual energy programming

The deepest human programming concerns sexual energy. The purpose of this programming is to control us. Most of these programmes can only be found on the surface of this planet and nowhere else in the Galaxy. It is one of the main reasons the liberation process of this planet is taking so long. The surface population is not aware of this programming that deeply suppresses them.

The programming has two layers (next to several subdividing levels):
1st                  The Atlantis implant and programming
2nd                  The Archon invasion programming

The sexual implant

This implant creates separation energetically and psychologically between males and females. The implant is located 3 fingers above the navel. It blocks the Kundalini energy flow. Everyone has an implant there. The female implant is programmed one way and the male implant is programmed the other way. It creates a complete disconnection and misunderstandings. The implant makes men and women look at sex from opposite perspectives. All input is filtered through this implant. 

The female programme allows feeling the energy of the heart, but not sexual energy. Males are programmed to feel the sexual energy, but not the energy of the heart. It is easy for women to bond on a heart level, but she has problems bonding on a sexual level. Men are just the opposite. Men have a hard time trusting with the heart, because of the implant and the social programming.
The key to resolve this is for women to allow themselves to feel their sexual energy and for men to feel their heart energy. The way to connect to this energy is different for males and females. Men need to raise the Kundalini up to their heart. Women need to allow themselves to descend into the 2ndChakra and feel the sexual energy. Then the two energies can be connected. When they do it correctly, there is no misunderstanding and it creates a Sacred Union.

This is a very deep programme that is 5000 year old.

The Archon invasion

Before the Archon invasion, many women were connected to the Goddess and had this energy intact and flowing: they had a connection between love and sex. With this intact, the flowing energy of a woman can heal a man and her heart chakra can heal - even war - trauma of a man. Men are aggressive nowadays because they do not receive this healing sexual energy from a woman. This is the reason that Arabic men are so angry (e.g. Syrian refugees). They have been traumatised and are not healed. 

A Goddess Priestess that has integrated her heart and sexual energies can stop the wars on this planet. This is the basic, the core, to heal human society. When the most awakened women on the planet start connecting their heart and sexual energies, they start healing the planet. 

The female sexual energies are oppressed to create war. When it is repressed men get frustrated, because she is broken and frustrated. They start doing sports fanatically or start fighting. 

This situation was created 5000 to 6000 years ago during the Archon invasion and has several levels.

Archons infiltrated tribes of the Goddess civilisations and raped and murdered many female Priestesses. This primal fear of women, to be raped, is present in every woman’s conscience. The first level of programming is: men are beasts, but this is not so: human men are not. The reptilians are, but women’s subconscious cannot distinguish between the two. This is the reason that 70% of woman can’t experience an orgasm during sex; they cannot open themselves sexually.

The next level of programming is that women have to be good girls and behave. They must hide their sexual energy not to be judged or called a whore or slut. When we transform this, we can create a crack in The Matrix. The key here is that women start claiming their sexual energy, decide where, how and when and express it again. This will be the core to transform human society. 

In the past many Priestesses of the Goddess transmitted sexual energy to heal. There were many temples where this happened. It is all related to the Sacred Union between the High Priestess and the King, the archetypes of the Divine Goddess and the Divine Hero. It stabilized many societies. In the 4thCentury AD this tradition was ruined. Priestesses were raped and killed and temples destroyed. All women remember this; it is part of their generational trauma.

For comparison: In Rome 300 AD there was a higher level of civilisation than 1500 years later. When the Goddess Energy was destroyed, we went into the Dark Ages. The purpose of the Roman Catholic Church has been to suppress female sexual energy. Human society needs to get back to the same level of evolution again. 

Another next level concerns an additional layer of programming that was started in Atlantis. The implants were additionally programmed for women to allow sexual energy only with their Twin Soul or Twin Soul fantasy. For men the programming was opposite, they were allowed to feel emotional energy only with their Twin Soul or Twin Soul fantasy. If the partner is not the Twin Soul or Twin Soul fantasy, women cannot open sexually and men cannot open emotionally. The core is mistrust.

The next level of programming is designed to split Soul Families. The programme splits into two sides: women may only connect to their Twin Soul or Twin Soul fantasy (monogamy) and men may connect with many women (polygamy).

The next level of programming regards the emotional aspects of when a man and woman get connected. When this programme gets triggered on a subconscious level, one partner sees the other partner as property. You have a house and a husband. You have a house and a wife. It is emotional, but also legally validated as the State controls marriage. This is a misuse of the Divine archetype of the Twin Soul. Marriage is the perfect union of Twin Souls. The Matrix has hijacked this and created the legal system to corrupt this connection and control both partners this way. 

For instance, in the 19th Century women were legally the property of men. A woman couldn’t do anything. She was a slave and this still exists within the consciousness on the planet. There is however a huge difference between possession and commitment. The pure archetype can be monogamous. Because of a special and deep connection between the man and woman and devotion to each other they don’t need anything else. This is the case everywhere in the Galaxy. True commitment in a deep Soul Mate or Twin Soul connection is one path in the Universe, the path of the Divine Archetype. However you can also have more partners because you are able to love more people at the same time. This is not promiscuity. It is having more Soul Mate connections between partners. This has been suppressed on Earth.

The next level of programming concerns the games we play:
-       How to catch a man?
-       How to seduce a woman?

These are both meant to hijack open communication between men and women. We need to create honesty in communication between a man and a woman. This does not happen on the surface of the planet. Women talking together, talk in a certain way. When a man comes in, the conversation shifts. It is the same way the other way around. We cannot be honest. The relationships between men and women need to be healed into a situation where both sexes feel comfortable to discuss anything with each other, including a woman’s period, raising the kids, emotions, sexual fantasies, anything. We need real honesty and a real drastic change in communication, but this can only be achieved through massive healing of society.

The programme for suicide bombing is that 72 virgins will be waiting for the suicide bomber after they have killed themselves. This was invented by a secret society in Syria in the 13thcentury.

Cobra might or might not do a course about techniques to heal and dissolve implants.

Kaula Tantra has preserved the knowledge that was Tantra originally. This knowledge cannot be found in Western societies.

One priestess can heal one man. If there are more priestesses, the healing process can be accelerated. This helps breakthrough.

Geishas are not the same as Goddesses. Some were able to heal, some were prostitutes.

Some aspects about Goddess are still classified and will be released to humanity later.

The Event & New Reality

Only when all aspects of The Matrix are deprogrammed, everything will be resolved. The Archon programming needs to be dealt with, not the TV or media necessarily, because the programming is inside of us. After this is transformed to create a New Society, then humanity will experience First Contact. Not every human being needs to go through this transformation but the most awakened ones do.

Life after The Event

We will have a much better standard of living. We will have a different life all together. 

Cobra gives an example of this better standard of living by showing us the picture of a bathtub made out of one piece of crystal, a bath much loved by members of the Resistance Movement. It is filled with a liquid essence (not water), which heals on all levels. This can be part of the average household after The Event.

When the most awakened go through transformation, this will lead to a Galactic Reunion. Humanity will be accepted in a Galactic Network of Light and into the Galactic Family. That is what we are fighting for. We would like to connect with them and they with us. If you want to connect you only have to say yes silently to yourself. Certain Pleiadians and Resistance Movement members will make contact with the most awakened to create Soul member connections.

When you transform yourself and meet your Soul Mate then you’ll want to go home. We are all activated by the Pleiadians. Cobra is only here to provide the intelligence. The rest is between you and the Pleiadians / RM.

Remember your mission! Everyday matters and is important. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FALL ASLEEP AGAIN. There is only little time remaining. DO NOT hold back. Give the best you can, give the best of yourself to this, share light, love and inspiration with each other. You were born for this. Support each other until the final Victory. We are creating the breakthrough now. This is the core group on the New Timeline. The Pleiadians set the date for this Ascension Conference and the location has not been chosen randomly. There is a strong divine feminine energy vortex in Hungary as well. NOW IS THE TIME. Victory of the Light!

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